How to Get a BAD Tenant Out of a Rental Property

Bad tenants are bad for your property, the neighborhood, your wallet and your sanity. In this post we will go over two legal notices that will get a bad tenant out of a rental property. Read more to learn the steps in the process. Legal Disclaimer: Access Property Management Group, LLC does not provide tax, legal […]

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How to avoid BAD Real Estate Investment deals

We set out to purchase real estate as an investment to build and hold wealth. Real estate is an incredible asset class where fortunes can be made for sure! (I have a personal mentor who sold his real estate company for $1.4bn… not bad huh?!) HOWEVER, if you don’t structure an investment deal correctly from […]

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The Best Way to Advertise and List a Rental Property

Hi there, this is Aaron with Access Property Management. In this post I’m going to go through listing and advertising your rental property. There’s a lot of work that goes into listing rental property. There are many steps and I want to go over each one of them because every step is important. When we […]

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