In yearly fashion, we have our 2018 Year in Review ready! 2018 was another great year at Access. Check out our infographic or listen to our video to learn the specifics!

2018 Year In Review Infographic

2019 A Look Ahead

2019 is proving to be an interesting year so far. If you read the news, the economy is going to grow, hit the fan or stay the same. Big surprise, right? Eddie finishes off the video with a few clues we are seeing in our local markets.

  • Small drop in Real Estate prices
  • Rental rates decreasing slightly
  • Many new units added to market (specifically Medical Mile Area)

A Special Thanks

We want to send out a special thank you to all our clients, residents and vendors. Our success over the past 10 years wouldn’t have been possible without you. Cheers to 2019!

Thank you from the Team at Access,
Eddie, Aaron, Justin and Jennifer

About the author

Jennifer Bajema is the Co-founder of Access Property Management Group. She has worked in every part of the company, but now focuses on client education and business growth. Her experience in running a property management business is now over 10 years!