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West Michigan Professional Rental Property Management

Grand Rapids | Rockford | Kalamazoo and more...

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Text, email, phone call or in-person (pre-Covid-19). We're always working. Ask us a question and we'll be in touch quick.

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We've placed thousands of quality screened residents for our property owner clients. We get properties leased.

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What we do

Professional West Michigan Rental Property Management 

Owning rental properties is a well proven form of wealth creation. Cash flowing real estate is one of the greatest hedges against a loss of purchasing value (trillions $ for COVID stimulus programs anyone?) and crashing stock markets.

Prices can go up and down, sure. Buy low and hold is a no brainer. Investors who purchased rental properties in the last 2008 Financial Crisis have done by and large VERY well for themselves. This cycle is starting to show potential opportunities on the horizon for Real Estate Investors. 

Owning rental properties is great, managing properties, tenants and everything that goes along with being a landlord can be quite the HEADACHE without solid systems, screenings and reporting. 

Property Management Pricing


Paid on total rents collected each month.


  • Tenant Placement 65% ($400 min)
  • Lease Renewal flat rate $250
  • Optional Eviction Protection Plan ($10/month)
  • 12 month Tenant Guarantee
  • 70+ point background check
  • 24/7 Maintenance Call Center
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Bi-Weekly ACH Disbursements
  • View all Property Services Here

You will be emailed a DocuSign link to our Property Management Agreement & Signup Docs


Apartments (10-100 units one location)


  • Tenant Placements
  • Lease Renewal flat rate $250
  • Optional Eviction Protection Plan ($10/mo/lease)
  • 12 month Tenant Guarantee
  • 70+ point background check
  • 24/7 Maintenance Call Center
  • Optional property specific website  
  • Monthly Full Reporting Package
  • View all Property Services Here

Drop us a quick note about your property & situation to start the conversation about management. .

Lease Only

We lease, you manage. Leasing Fee equal to one months rent.


  • 70+ point background check
  • Fully screened and qualified
  • Complete PDF of all signed Lease and move-in Agreements

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why we do it

We’ve been there

Excellence is a part of our business DNA. So is SERVICE. We've collected over $33 million USD in rents for our property owners since we began.

Founded in 2008 by a U.S. Marine, we continue to stand for Honor, Courage and Commitment. These values are ingrained in who we are. We continue to do the right things for our clients and tenants even when situations become difficult. 

It's not just words. We "walk the walk" with our own investment strategies and acquisitions. We've experienced the power firsthand of using Real Estate to build wealth and financial freedom. It is our true hope to share that power with you and other like-minded real estate investors so that you may live your best lives possible. 

And if we make a mistake, we'll be there to make it right.

Founders Jennifer and Justin Bajema

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