Today, I want to address a common concern among property owners – city notices. Whether your property is in Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Kalamazoo, or any other city, receiving a notice from the city can be alarming. 

Why Did I Receive a Notice?

You receive a notice from the city when an inspector has seen a infraction or an infraction is reported by someone (usually a neighbor).

These notices can range from issues like trash in the yard or unattended large items near the street, to grass exceeding 12 inches in height.

I Received a City Notice, Now What?

As your dedicated property management team, we also receive city notices on your registered properties. The notice will give a certain period for corrective action. Our procedure, for tenant-occupied properties, involves promptly contacting the tenant to address the issue, whether it be trash disposal, lawn maintenance, etc.

Our team ensures that tenants are aware of their responsibility and the city’s timeline to rectify the situation.

After the issue is taken care of, the city inspector will drive by the property to ensure resolution. 

Repeated Violations

Repeated violations notices may lead to abatement notices or fines. In such cases, if the tenant is responsible, we will manage the payment of fines and ensure the tenant reimburses these costs, alongside correcting the highlighted issue.

Unresolved Notices?

In extreme cases where the problem remains unaddressed, the city may intervene directly, leading to charges that ultimately fall upon the property owner. Rest assured, we will facilitate the resolution and ensure the tenant covers any incurred costs or fines.

Rental Inspection Notices

Some notices you may receive pertain to rental inspections. This is another area where our team provides comprehensive support, handling all aspects of city rental inspections on your behalf. Forward the notice to us and we will take care of it. 

We’ve Got Your Back

We understand that receiving any form of notice can be concerning. However, our goal at Access Property Management is to alleviate your worries. Our experienced team is here to manage these matters efficiently, ensuring compliance with city regulations and maintaining the integrity of your property.

Should you receive any city notices, please forward them to our attention. We are here to support you and take the necessary steps to address any issues promptly.

Thank you for your trust in Access Property Management. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Eddie Beekman

Access Property Management Group

About the author

Eddie Beekman is the founder of "Give Your Clients Your Cell Number", because he believes there is no reason for poor communication! He tackles the daily management and maintenance issues that arise in the operations at APMG. Eddie is an excellent video blogger and likes to add humor to his videos. After 18 years of Property Managment you think you've heard it all, until tomorrow and it starts over.

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