We have several different pricing plans. These have been developed to fit many different investment situations. Whether you own a single family home, student housing, apartments, or a duplex, we have a plan to fit your needs. Want to learn more about what one works best for you? In this blog post we will discuss management plan similarities, differences, pricing and which one will work best for your situation. Keep reading or watch the youtube video!

Full Service Property Management Plans

Our most popular option is our full service property management plans. Full service property management is a term used to describe a management plan that covers all services needed in a full cycle of management of a rental unit. In our full service property management, we cover everything from when a unit is Vacant, to leasing out the unit, turnover, and back again. This includes things like maintenance, utilities, tenant relations, turnovers, leasing, etc. For a more complete list of services, check out our video and service pages.

We have two types of full service management plans. The only difference between these two is the monthly management fee. Let us explain:

Standard Rate Plan Pricing:

For our standard rate plan, the monthly management fee is 9% of rents collected. So whether the tenant pays all at once or makes multiple payments throughout the month, the fee is always 9% of the rent. See below:

Flat Rate Plan:

The flat rate plan charges ONE fee per month. The fee is $109 every month, so it’s like a subscription plan. It is not based on rents collected and is charged every month.

What is the Same Between the Standard and Flat Rate Plans?

Everything else about the full service plans are the same. This would include other fees, benefits, and services received are all the same in both plans. Here is a list of the other fees and services you may encounter during management:

  • Tenant Placement: 65% of one Months Rent. This fee to fill a vacant unit with a new tenant.
  • Lease Renewal: $250 per lease. This fee is charged upon renewal of a tenant’s lease. It is charged per lease. Which means a duplex would incur $250 per unit.
  • 12 Month Tenant Guarantee: Learn more about this great guarantee here!
  • Eviction Protection Plan: This is an option service. It is $10/month per unit. Learn more about the EPP here.

Lease Only Management Plan

The lease only plan is great for landlords that have good control of their rental, desire and time to manage the tenant in the property. They can do their own maintenance, they have a good rent collection procedure, or they have time or people who can do it for them. In the lease only plan, we will complete the following:

  • Lease Your Vacant Unit
  • Market the Unit
  • Screen and Sign the Tenant
  • Move the Tenant in
  • Collect 1st Months Rent & Deposit
  • Send an Inventory Checklist

Once all the above is completed, we will give you the signed documents and the tenant’s contact information. And then you, as the owner, will manage the tenant and the rental unit moving forward. The fee for the Lease Only Management Plan is One Month’s Rent. So you will be charged what the unit was rented out for.

Are you Active Duty or a Veteran?

Thank you for your service. We have special pricing for current and retired members of the military. Check it out here!

What About Apartments?

Yes! We do manage apartment buildings! If you have a building with 10 or more units under one roof or a group of buildings with multiple units, we have a plan for you! We do not have specific pricing for apartments on our website. These are quoted on a case by case basis. Reach out to us to get a quote for your multifamily unit today!

There you have it! These are the different management plans that we have available. If you have any further questions, please reach out or chat through the website. We look forward to hearing from you!

About the author

Aaron has over 13 years experience in property management. With a focus on accounting and the “numbers” aspect of real estate, he loves to see a good investment succeed. He also enjoys talking to new investors and helping them overcome hurdles to their success.