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Where to Invest in Kalamazoo: Eastwood Neighborhood

Welcome to this new series about where to invest in Kalamazoo, Michigan! We get a lot of questions from out-of-state investors about where they should start looking for rental property in Kalamazoo. They want to know about the different areas, employers, population and so on and so forth. We will cover several of the different […]

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Top Property Management Company problems and How to Avoid Them

Property Management horror stories are easy to find.  If you know a real estate investor, you have likely heard about a problem he/she experienced with a property manager. Google is full of scathing 1-star reviews of property management companies. Property management is a difficult business. Nonetheless, it is still a service-based industry and your property […]

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The Top 5 Factors Affecting Rental Rates for Rental Properties

The rental market is constantly changing. There are several factors which affect the pricing of any rental property.  This post will discuss the most common factors affecting rental rates and pricing of a rental property along with days on market. If you want to hear even more detail, watch my video above. Location, Location, Location This […]

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The Best Way to Advertise and List a Rental Property

Hi there, this is Aaron with Access Property Management. In this post I’m going to go through listing and advertising your rental property. There’s a lot of work that goes into listing rental property. There are many steps and I want to go over each one of them because every step is important. When we […]

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