Access Property Management Group does NOT advertise on craigslist. Period. Ever.

In fact, it’s smart to run far away from craigslist rental listings. There are SO many better and more legit sites to find a rental (see below). Craigslist is the easiest platform for scammers to copy rental listing ads and trick people into giving them money.

This isn’t our first blog on rental scams. You can also read about our top 5 tips to avoiding rental scams here. This blog is an update and a reminder specifically about craigslist rental scams.

How to Spot Craiglist Rental Scams

Here are some techniques that scammers use on craigslist to steal listings, money and trick people:

  • Scammer claims to be owner- They will even look up actual owners name and use it.
  • Scammer will steal pictures from other sites and post on craigslist with all the details of the listing.
  • The price of the rental unit will be lowered to make the unit more attractive and encourage people to want the unit even more (and ignore common sense).
  • Scammer will say they just fired the property manager and that’s why the signage is still there.
  • Scammer will use the Property Managers lock box to allow people to “move in” to the unit.

Clues that you are in a Craigslist Rental Scam:

  • You found the listing on craigslist (lots of red flags)
  • The fake owner from craigslist says they just fired the property management company.
  • Yard signs are from a property management company.
  • Paperwork/application inside is from a property management company
  • Notices on the door warn you SPECIFICALLY about Craigslist rental scams.
  • Lockbox on door has the name of a property management company.

Legit Rental Listing Sites:

For more information about advertising a rental, we have a blog about The Best Way to Advertise and List a Rental Property.

In Case you need a reminder:

Access Property Management Group does NOT advertise on craigslist. Period. Ever.


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