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This is where most tenant horror stories have their beginning! Do it right and you can have a great tenant and cash flowing in month after month for years. Do it wrong and quickly the issues, headaches and costs can start piling up!

How to Calculate Michigan Property Taxes on Investment Properties
Determining Rent Price (And How You Know When You’re Wrong)
Property Management Plan Pricing: Which Plan is Right For You?
Protecting your ASSets: Insurance Edition
Prepare for the Extended Tax Season With Your Rental Property: These Forms Make it Easy!
Where to Invest in Kalamazoo: Eastwood Neighborhood

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Real Estate can be an incredibly powerful force in building wealth, for sure! However, it's important to know that most of your profit is locked in during the acquisition. Learn does and don'ts to make sure you're underwriting your investment property correctly!

How to Spot and Combat Rental Scams: #1. Don’t Advertise on Craigslist!
Leasing Rentals During the COVID-19 Crisis: How to Stay Safe, Distant and Successful
The Holding Deposit: Why it is Important to Getting Good Tenants
The Top Places to Advertise Your Rental Property (HINT: It’s NOT Craigslist)
How our Self Showing Lockboxes Work!
The Benefits of Using Self Showings at Your Rental Property

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How to Get a BAD Tenant Out of a Rental Property
Grand Rapids Property Management – Tenant Termination Forms

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Real Estate can be an incredible investment vehicle to grow and store wealth. Find the right management company that you enjoy working with but also that you feel confident your properties will be well looked after.

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This is arguably one of the biggest areas that can kill monthly cash flow. If a property is in disrepair, only poor quality tenants will accept those conditions. If you expect quality tenants, understand a property in well-taken condition will always be more desirable. 20

Quick Tips to Winterize a Rental From Expert Property Managers
Snow Removal Contracts for Apartment Complexes
WINTER IS COMING – Tips to Winterize a Rental
Rental Flooring-Ceramic Tile and Painted Floors – Do’s and Dont’s
Question: What are City Inspection Stickers for Furnaces and Water Heaters?
Work Order Life Cycle- Access Property Management Group

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