Rental Flooring  – Do’s and Dont’s

Today we are doing a short blog on a couple of do’s and don’ts (our opinion) regarding rental flooring, specifially on ceramic tile flooring and painted flooring when turning over a unit or even buying a rental.

Ceramic Tile Rental Flooring- Yes or No?

In Michigan, ceramic tile floors don’t go over really well in every room of the house. We find them great for entry ways or bathrooms but that is about it. In Arizona and Texas they are everywhere throughout the home. Here in West Michigan we just don’t see the same ceramic tiling throughout. This rental we are at today, for instance, was purchased with ceramic tile floors. As you can see in the video, the ceramic tile floors tend to crack and then you end up replacing certain tiles.  The cracking may be due to poor craftsmanship during the install or the fact they were installed in a home built in the early 1900’s and the flooring has shifted.  Trying to find a match over the years just doesn’t go over well either.  We suggest not installing tile floors throughout and evaluating tile flooring before purchasing a rental. Especially in heavy traffic areas or areas as large as family rooms and dining rooms.

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Painting Floors? Yes!

Painted flooring in a rental is our second topic for today. In this home we have a covered porch floor that was originally painted when it was purchase, but the wear and tear is really showing. Check out the first impression a prospective tenant will receive as they walk in the front door with the newly painted flooring! It shows the home is cared for and updated. Painting flooring is an easy and inexpensive way to quickly add value to a rental. In the video I’ll show you the area we have not painted yet, which is the steps. This gives you a good before and after idea.

These are just a couple of things to keep in mind regarding rental flooring. Remember to look out for these when turning over a unit or purchasing a new rental property. Thank you for reading or watching this blog,

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