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Prospective and Current Resident Questions FAQs

Each property manager does things a little bit different, so to help our residents out, we will answer common questions that we receive about viewing homes, applications, the resident portal, pets and more! In this blog you will find our most common prospective and current resident questions. I found a home I am interested in! […]

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How to avoid BAD Real Estate Investment deals

We set out to purchase real estate as an investment to build and hold wealth. Real estate is an incredible asset class where fortunes can be made for sure! (I have a personal mentor who sold his real estate company for $1.4bn… not bad huh?!) HOWEVER, if you don’t structure an investment deal correctly from […]

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4 Good Tips for Great Rental Upgrades

Here at AccessProperty Management we urge property owners to take considerations before diving into their next round of renovations. Your best results will come from putting in some planning before you pull out the cash. See some great approaches to rental community upgrades in the paragraphs below.   4 Good Tips for Great Rental Upgrades […]

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Renting a Home? Appearances Do Matter

When it comes time to find a new home, research shows that, home renters and buyers care very much about a home’s exterior appearance. Evidently, they want the home to appear impressive to friends, neighbors, and passersby, as though the façade were a reflection on themselves. However, they also care about what’s inside the home. […]

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Access Property Management Security Deposit Tips

There are several ways that landlords and Grand Rapids property management companies can handle security deposits, which helps ensure that landlords are adequately covered in the event of damage. By following these suggestions you can count on an easier experience when dealing with security deposit issues:   State Laws – Each state has unique laws […]

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