2020 Financial Crisis: TRUTH and LIES

You have been lied to. Lied to by the “powers that be”, by institutions, by Wall Street. We are told to believe that retirement 401k’s and IRA’s are THE financial vehicle to prosperous, golden years of retirement. It’s a LIE.

The lies started in school. We were never really taught about money. Because we were never taught about money, we take the main steam advice that is dished out to us. It is pumped to the masses through media, advertising, financial advisors, and the large funds on Wall Street.

Here is what I find to be true: When you follow that advice, you get screwed.

In this video, I discuss the past lies that led us to the current Financial Crisis. Then I will go over a few truths that will help you to navigate the 2020 Financial Crisis.

Please Note: I am not an attorney, accountant or financial advisor. These are my personal opinions and observations. Also, as the markets and information is changing so rapidly, some information in this post may already be outdated or different.


  • 401k’s and IRA’s
  • 1971, Nixon and the former Gold Standard
  • Low (or Zero) Interest Rates
  • Unfunded Liabilities


  • Real Tangible Assets that hedge currency devaluation
  • Be contrarian – Don’t JUST own Stocks
  • Invest in your financial understanding now


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Justin Bajema

About the author

Justin Bajema, CPM® is the Founder & President of Access Investment Group, LLC and Access Property Management Group, LLC. He holds the coveted CPM® designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).His love for everything Real Estate and business began with one book sent to him while he was returning back from the war in Iraq in 2003, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.Justin is a proud U.S. Marine combat veteran who served 2 tours in Iraq as an infantryman. He received the Purple Heart from Commander in Chief President George Bush for his wounds received in action while fighting in Iraq.He has successfully put together numerous real estate investment holdings from single-family homes to multi-million dollar apartment community deals.