The snow is not only approaching this fall . . . it is here! We are going to cover a few things that you should do to winterize a Rental Property and get ready for the winter months. Watch the video above or read below to learn how to winterize your rental property.

Contact Residents

At Access Property Management Group, the first thing that we do to winterize a rental is we send out an email blast to all of our residents and remind them to check their furnaces. This encourages residents to turn them on before it gets really cold. This does two things. One, it makes your resident happy because they don’t have to endure a freezing cold apartment or home. And two, it saves you as investor because you don’t have to send out an HVAC personnel as an after hours emergency call.

Leaves and Gutters

The first thing to consider are leaves. First you want to tackle the ones in the gutters. If you leave these, they get all icy and snow packed. This leads to them jamming up the downspouts in your gutters.

While you winterize your rental, you will also want to collect and remove the leaves that are laying on the ground. If you leave these through the winter, they will end up killing the grass.

Mice and Rodents

Another thing to consider when you winterize a rental, which a lot of people don’t think about, are bait stations for mice. During the fall and winter months, the inside of your property is warm while the outside is cold. The mice are going to want to enter that that rental unit. Baiting will help to take care of that problem. You will also want to make sure the bait stations remain clear of snow.

Sidewalks and Salt

Finally, let’s discuss sidewalks. Make sure you set up a contract to have your sidewalks shoveled or plowed. We also add salt buckets in front of doors with some scoops in it. This allows residents to keep sidewalks clear in case there is extra ice or snow that remains or comes down after shoveling.

To Sum it Up

There you have it, these are a few things to do now that fall and winter are here. These will help you to get your rental property ready for the cold winter months. 

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