Hi, this is Eddie with Access Property Management. This post is on tenant complaints and how we handle them.

1. Receive The Complaint

The first step is to always get the complaint in writing. We do this through either pad and pen or preferably an email. Sometimes a text will work, but texts can be lost so we really prefer an email.

2. Validate

Next we check to see if the complaint is really valid. Do they have a valid complaint about a situation or another tenant? Is this a recurring issue?  Is this complaint worth moving on?

3. Analyze Next Steps

After validating the complaint, we analyze how far to take it. Do we need to explain that complaint to the owner? Or is it something that we can handle internally? Is it something that I need to make a major change or that costs a lot of money? Do I need to explain that to the owner or not?

4. Find the Middle GroundTwo hands shaking-find the middle ground

Now that we analyzed the issue, we need to find the middle ground. What is going to make that tenant feel like we:

  1. Are listening to them.
  2. Can solve their problem.
  3. Can solve it in a timely manner.

5. Solve the Problem

Finally, it is now time to solve the problem. Come up with the answer that hits all three points above. Is it more salt for the sidewalk during the winter? Is it a new handrail? Whatever the answer may be, solve the problem.

6. Confirm in WritingConfirm in Writing

The last step is to confirm the solution in writing. We send an email out to the tenant letting them know that the problem has been solved. We ask them something like this: “Please reply back so we understand that you are all set now.” Make sure you get this confirmation in writing in case it comes back up again.


The Why:

Why go through all this work to address tenant complaints? Why respond quickly? This is why, happy tenants are:

  • More likely to pay on time.
  • Keep a cleaner home.
  • Report issues to us sooner.
  • Happy tenants stay longer.

In the end, that’s what we all want.

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