Hi, this is Eddie with Access Property Management. In this post I will discuss how we handle after hours phone calls or emergency phone calls.

In Case Of Emergency:

The steps we have in place for this are:

Step One : Call Comes In

First when the call comes in after hours the office is not open. The caller will have a choice to leave a message, or you can go to an emergency line.

Whats An Emergency?

Emergency to us is fire, flood or death.

Step Two: Call Center Joins Party

Once you call the emergency line you are going to go to a call center. This is a big point: it is operated by property managers. So somebody that answers the phone is going to have managed properties in the past. They know what emergencies are and what emergencies are not and issues that tenants have.

Step Three : We Get Involved

The call center going to send us an email, a text and a phone call. All of those will come in to either myself or  another property manager.

Step Four : Triage

From there, we are going to determine whether it’s an emergency or not and whether we need to dispatch a vendor if it’s needed.

For instance,  if it’s a flood, yes, we are going to call somebody to stop the flooding.

Now at this point we would make sure that we have controlled the flooding, the fire or whatever it was.  From there we reach out to the owner and let them know what’s happening. Our main point is to stop the problem or issue that somebody is having.

Step Five: Follow Up

From there, the call center follows up with every tenant. The call center is with them all throughout the process. From the initial call, they get the same person until the call is closed out.  They will then have the vendor go out there. Then, the call center will confirm the vendor is there. Finally, the call center will confirm that the vendor has left and their problem is solved before closing out this call.

Step Six: Enter Into System

Once the call is closed out, we then enter the work order. From there the owner’s going to see that pop up. We’ve probably already contacted the owner by then. We just want to make sure that we get it in the system so everybody knows what’s going on.

Currently we average about 62 after hours calls a year. That includes anything from floods, fire, to lockouts and things like that, that we cover.

That is our after hours calls process.

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