Jennifer Bajema  |  September 10, 2019


If you have been following our blog or social media, you have heard us mention that we are making some exciting updates to our company this year. We are ready to share one with you!

Please welcome our newest team member, Mary Orozco.

Mary joins our team as an assistant property manager. She will be your first point of contact for any queries or needs. Our other team members will be as accessible as always. You can be assured that she will continue to provide you with the excellent service you already expect from Access. The rest of the team remains the same and we look forward for you all to meet her! Keep reading to learn a little more about Mary.

Meet Mary:

Before starting on property management, I spent some time working in accounting and inside the sustainable energy business. I’ve learned from installing a solar panel on a rooftop to fixing HVAC systems while managing the customer experience team.

During 2016 and until I became part of the Access Property Management team, I developed myself inside the Vaping Industry doing all networking between American distributors and Latin America businesses.

I spent some time with Language Line as an on-call translator back in 2013. There I did 911, 401k’s, court, jail and medical calls.

I am a passionate person who loves a good challenge, very ambitious and driven, highly motivated but definitively a cat lover and a proud mom who enjoys traveling and a good book to spend my day with.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can give us a call at 616-301-9450 or contact us here.

About the author

Jennifer Bajema is the Co-founder of Access Property Management Group. She has worked in every part of the company, but now focuses on client education and business growth. Her experience in running a property management business is now over 10 years!