Almost every problem that an investor experiences with their property manager stems from a lack of communication. Whenever we hear a complaint about another company regarding maintenance, leasing, turnover or move out, it really comes down to how that manager communicated. When a manager doesn’t communicate properly, a client is left wondering what is going on and if their property is being managed the right way. In this article we discuss a few ways that we communicate with our clients so they aren’t left in the dark.

What Makes Access Different?

Lot of owners ask us what makes us stand out. What makes us a little bit different than every other company? We focus on communication. As a client, when you are expecting information and there is a huge lag or delay and they don’t let you know what’s going on, it causes tension and misunderstandings. We have found that being great communicators helps us keep owners in constant contact. This means they have less fears and we work really well together this way.

Types of Communication with Your Property Manager

Cell phones

All of our owners have our cell phone numbers. This is a big one! Most property managers are afraid to hand out cell phone numbers. We find that if you communicate and manager correctly from the beginning, you don’t have to worry about handing out your cell phone number.


Because we live in 2019, we know texting is an important way to communicate. It’s a great, fast way to get across small bits of information or ask questions that need a quick, easy answer. Again, it keeps owners always in the loop so they aren’t wondering what is going on.


I’m just going to say it: We send lots of emails. BECAUSE the more emails we communicate with, the more knowledgeable you are about what’s going on in your investment. For example: We send emails if you get a work order, if your home has a new tenant, if there’s a new lease signed, a lease renewal, or if somebody has put in their notice to vacate. Those are just a few. Most of them are quick, generated by our software, and easy to scan and delete. Some people read them, some don’t. The more you read them and look at them, the more you understand the process as we go through and where your home is in that process!


We are one of the few companies that actually uses videos to communicate and education. We have tons of videos on our website here and here. They answer a lot of the questions that an owner would ask when they call and ask us to take over the management of their property. We put those out there so our clients can make informed decisions and do their own research.

In-Person Meetings

This shouldn’t be surprising, but the most infrequent way we communicate is in-person meetings. We will always make time for an in-person meeting if an owner requests, but most of our clients don’t want or need to meet face to face. Want to know why? Because our clients are busy people and they trust us. Most real estate investors run their business on the side and have full time jobs, family and their lives to run. That’s why they hire us. When we get contacted by a new client we typically talk to them on the phone, we have lots of emails, a few cell phone calls, some texts, they look at our videos and are ready to make their decision..

How Does Your Property Manager Communicate?

Does your property manager communicate too little too late? As a company, we have made that mistake. The difference with our company is that, over the years, we have built communication into our systems and processes so our clients know and understand what is going one.

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Eddie Beekman is the founder of "Give Your Clients Your Cell Number", because he believes there is no reason for poor communication! He tackles the daily management and maintenance issues that arise in the operations at APMG. Eddie is an excellent video blogger and likes to add humor to his videos. After 18 years of Property Managment you think you've heard it all, until tomorrow and it starts over.

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