Property Management Services

 What's Included with our Management Plans

12 Month Tenant Guarantee

We stand behind our tenant screening process. We guarantee EVERY resident we place in one of your units for 1 year. PERIOD.

Marketing Your Property For Rent

Hotpads, Rentlinx, ShowMetheRent, emails, SMS and on and on. Yeah, it actually does add up to a separate job in itself really quickly.

Tenant Move-in's and Move-out's

A big part of Property Management are all the checklists, photos, inspections, utility turn-on's and turn-offs etc. etc.... the details DO matter. Everything must be clearly spelled out and documented. Being hasty here can come back to bite you later.  

Eviction Protection Plan (EPP)

We feel REALLY good about the tenants we place into properties. HOWEVER, the reality is that LIFE HAPPENS. We get it. So that's why we offer an eviction protection plan that costs less than $10/mo but covers you in case the inevitable happens.

Utility Transfers & Confirmations

Ahh, the details. Six (6) month's of paying for a tenants water bills just flat out sucks. Don't do that. Water/Sewer, Electric, Gas and Internet all add up to a costly "ouch" if you don't see to it that the tenants have transferred these into their names. Let's reiterate that one more time THEIR NAMES. Not yours, THEIRS. 

Vacancy Turnovers

Make any needed repairs, paint touchups, a VERY GOOD thorough general cleaning and carpet cleaning. THEN, comes the photos and videos of the property. After that it's time to MARKET the property for rent. Then (hopefully) comes a flood of emails and phone calls with interested individuals who want to see the property. 

Lease Renewals

Communicate early and communicate often. Let's face it, the VAST MAJORITY of our problems in life come from a lack of understanding which stems from a lack or rather poor communication. SO... we treat our residents right. And by that, it simply means listening and hearing them out. It doesn't mean agreeing with them. But the reason over 60% of our residents renew each year is hopefully because we've done something right!


Who wants to be on call 24/7 to take that call? You don't think of it until it happens. The reality is THINGS HAPPEN. They do. It doesn't mean a tenant is destroying your property (but a deer jumping through the front window could).

Maintenance & Repair Issues

Maintenance happens. Whether we like it or not, things are going to continue to break and wear out. That's-just-the-way-it-is. Murphy's law at it's finest. Unhandled maintenance requests = unhappy tenants. What's not that important to you just may be a deal breaker for your tenant at lease renewal.

Tenant Complaints & Issues

Yep. That's totally a part of what we do for sure. And honestly should be a huge relief off your shoulders. It really just comes down to treating people like human beings. That doesn't mean giving in or being soft; it means being engaged. That's who we are. Try it out for yourself, reach out to us with a question and see for yourself firsthand how we interact. 

Collecting Rents, Fees and Deposits

We conduct 99% (or something really stinkin' close to it) of all our financial transactions electronically. Residents pay rent online via ACH or Credit Card. Property owners get their funds ACH direct deposited on the 10th and 20th of every month. EVERYTHING just happens FASTER.

Monthly Reporting and statements

What gets tracked gets done! Follow the numbers and the numbers will tell you a story. Clean, accurate financial reports are super important. It's your GPS on your route to your financial goals. Inspect what you expect.

Fast Online Payments & Notifications

Whether you're a tenant paying rent or a property owner receiving you're rents, these are processed electronically. Near instantaneous updates and notifications are the standard at Access.. How much more simpler is it to deal electronically than deal with a check? Need help setting you your payment accounts? Check out our blog here.


City Inspections... a necessary evil in some jurisdictions (Grand Rapids, Allendale and others). But it's got to be done. A good manager will be on top of these for you. If you have to beg and ask them to be on top of these... well then let's just say you should keep looking. 

End of Year Tax Documents

A good property management company will have these documents to you in the first two weeks of January. 

If you don't have all your tax documents by Jan 31, you  should seriously question someone as to why. There's just no reason with all the tech available today not to be squared away and organized. 

Property Inspections

First you acquire the property. Then you do the work to get it rent-ready. And hopefully very soon thereafter you have a tenant moving in. It's easy to forget about after that, but that could very well be an expensive mistake. Check-in on your property. Do periodic inspections. That's the best way to catch minor issues before they become much bigger problems.


Assess what you are trying to Accomplish

Are you an active Real Estate Investor seeking more industry knowledge? A seasoned investor looking to remove themselves from daily operations? Whatever the case, make sure you know the objective you're after.



Do your homework before making a big decision, we do. Grab your favorite beverage, sit back and Google away. We encourage you to go as deep in research as you need to make a comfortable decision what's best for you.


Make your Decision

You've read all the Google reviews, spent hours researching every property management company on the web. Now you just need to decide who's a good fit for you. Find a company that's a good fit for you. 

Have Questions? We've got Answers

Own Properties? Life is too short to struggle with doing it yourself or a bad management company. See how it should be.