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When you have a rental property in Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo, you need to register that home and get it certified by the City. Today, we’re talking about the rental registration process in these cities, also known as Code Compliance.

Grand Rapids Process

In Grand Rapids, it doesn’t cost anything to register your home as a rental property. Do it as soon as you buy your investment, and get it over with. Once you’re registered, you’ll need your Certificate of Compliance, which costs $170 plus $55 per unit. The total for a single family home is $225.

Kalamazoo Process

In Kalamazoo, both the application and the registration happen at the same time. The cost is $108 as a base fee plus $1 per unit. You will get a 28-month or a 40-month certificate depending on the qualifications.

Compliance Inspections

Most inspections start outside. The first thing you want to do when you’re preparing is to go to the roof and make sure you’re not missing any shingles. Look at the chimney and the mortar. Check the sidewalks and driveways for trip hazards and take care of any cracks. As you walk up and down the stairs, make sure your handrails are compliant. There are specific height and width requirements which the handrail and balusters must fall within. Check the wood on your stairs and make sure it isn’t rotting and risers are in place.

Inside the house, check your windows. They need to open properly and stay open on their own. When they are closed, the lock must work and keep the window secured. The windows should not be cracked or have any broken panes or glass. The doors must shut and be weather-tight. All exterior doors need peepholes and deadbolts. Look for chipping paint on interior doors and walls.

Electrical and Mechanical Requirements

Electrical problems are common during inspections. If you’ve converted a two prong outlet to a three prong outlet, make sure the outlet is properly grounded. Inspectors will test these and if you aren’t compliant, you’ll need to improve the wiring or return to two prong outlet. Make sure you have GFCI outlets installed on outlets within six feet from water. This is especially important in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry area.

Check your heating system and make sure the boiler, furnace and hot water heater are functioning. In Grand Rapids, these systems need to be inspected by licensed contractors who is registered with the City. In Kalamazoo, you need to be sure mechanical components are properly permitted by the City building department. During the certification process, inspectors will note installations completed without a permit.

If you’re looking for more information on Grand Rapids housing, look at grcity.us and if you’re looking for Kalamazoo, visit kalamazoocity.org.

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