How our Self Showing Lockboxes Work!

By Jennifer Bajema | Leasing

Feb 11

In this video, Eddie takes you onsite for an in-person walkthrough of a self showing at one of our rentals. When first hearing about the concept of a self showing, people often wonder how it works. These showings are very simple and convenient for tenant prospects.

In this video you will learn:

  • What the lockbox looks like.
  • How the lockbox works.
  • The items we put inside the home to help facilitate a successful showing.
  • Experience the showing from the eyes of the prospect.

Watch the video to see how a tenant prospect experiences a self showing.

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About the Author

Jennifer Bajema is the Co-founder of Access Property Management Group. She has worked in every part of the company, but now focuses on client education and business growth. Her experience in running a property management business is now over 10 years!