Property management is one of the last industries to get on board with new technology. This can benefit investors in that the technologies are well vetted, but can also slow down portfolio and income growth. At Access Property Management Group, we are often leading the charge in adopting new technology. We were the first company (or close to it) in the area to offer e-signatures, lower our overhead on unused office space and outsource menial tasks to save our clients money. In the same fashion, we have integrated self showings into our repertoire of expertise.

Self showings and automatic lockboxes are not new systems. They have been used in multifamily and vacation rentals for years. In fact, self showing technology has successfully been used in other parts of the US for years. In this blog post, we are going to go over the main differences between self showings and agent showings. Stay tuned for our next blog covering the benefits our clients experience because of self showing technology. We will finish the series with an onsite demonstration of how a self-showing works.

Read below or watch the video to learn more about the differences between these two types of showing styles.

Who Does the Showing?

Agent Showings: With an agent showing, it’s a one-on-one. The agent will show the prospect around the home or unit. Sometimes the agent may hold an open house where there will be multiple prospects touring the home. Self Showings: With a self-showing, it’s on your own. The prospect is the only one there. They can choose who they want to walk through the rental with.

When Is the Showing Scheduled?

Agent Showings: With agent showings, the prospect has a set time. They schedule with the agent and choose a set time to meet.  Hopefully everybody shows up and shows up on time. Self Showings: With self-guided tours, it’s whenever it works for the prospect. If they can only see the home at 6am in the morning or 9pm at night, then they just show up and tour the home. Whatever works for you is when you have your showing.

Who Answers the Questions?

Agent Showings: With agent showings, the prospect can ask questions from the agent. Self Showings: At our self-showings we have paperwork and screening sheets in the units to answer questions. We are also available via phone or email at anytime for further questions.

What Occurs at The Showing?

Agent Showings: At a agent showing, the agent moderates the pace. The agent is going to move the prospect along through the tour and then they are going to leave. Self Showings: With self-showings, the prospect has as much time as they need to check out the home. In fact, they can actually go back and look at it again if you want. The prospect can always walk back through the same day or next day without any appointments.

What is the Time Frame of the Showing

Agent Showings: With agent showings the prospect is a limited time slot. They commit to a specific time slot with the agent. The agent then has appointments before and after, so they can’t take as much time as they may want. Self Showings: The difference with self-showings is: it’s all at your own pace. The prospect can walk through every room, turn on every light, open windows, close windows all at their own pace.

Who Schedules the Showing?

Agent Showings: At an agent showing, it’s on a company’s schedule. So it’s whenever that agent is working and has open hours to show. It may be Monday through Friday or Tuesday through Saturday, 9am-5pm or 10am-6pm, but it’s a limited time frame.  Self Showings: With self-showings, again, it’s on your own time. No matter what shift you work or what times you and your significant other can meet together, the home is open to show. Any day from 6am to 10pm.

Next Week: Client Benefits to Self Showings

Now you understand a little more about self showings and agent showings. Investors have much to gain when they embrace self showing technology. For our next blog we will go over the benefits of using self showings at your rental!

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