When you’re preparing a house for the rental market, there are a couple of things you can do that are inexpensive but will have a lot of value for renters. Doing so will help you increase your rental income because with just a few remodeling details, you can charge more monthly rent. Today, we’re in a house in Kalamazoo that I am rehabbing in preparation to rent out.

Install a Security System

Have a security system installed at the property. This system we put in monitors all entrance points at the house; the front and back doors and the windows. There’s an audible alarm that will alert the tenants to an intruder. If a tenant wants to include a callout service for this system, they could do so at their own cost. Having a security system is a big plus for tenants. Tenants often ask if they can install a security system so to have it here when they move in is a big benefit.

Painting and Trim

Painting and patching the walls on the whole house will also make a difference to your tenants. When you’re painting your house or apartment, you want to make sure your trim matches. You should always match the trim and the doors. Pay attention to your hinges and doorknobs and the pulls for your drawers. Take a can of spray paint and make them all the same color. It is easy and inexpensive to do, and it creates a cohesive feel to the home. Everything will look like it’s meant to be there which adds value to a rental property.

Painter’s Caulk

Remodeling Tips to Increase Rental Income on Your Property Management Education in Kalamazoo

The last thing we recommend is using painter’s caulk. This goes on really quickly and if you use it to go around your trim, the place will look crisp and really nice.

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