A quick turnover is important when you are between tenants in your rental property because it reduces the amount of time that you’re not collecting rent. Have a plan in place for when one tenant moves out so you can get the property cleaned up and back on the market in a matter of days. Today we’re looking at a one bedroom, one-bathroom unit that was recently vacated in the Heritage Hill area in Grand Rapids.

Touch Up Paint

If you’re not going to repaint completely between tenants, you need to look for areas where touch up paint is necessary. You might find this most commonly in the living room, the bedrooms or the hallways.

Window Coverings

It might be necessary to replace blinds. If you have old, white cloth blinds on the windows in your property, consider taking them down and replacing them with white vinyl blinds. This is an easy and inexpensive thing you can do to make the property look bright and fresh for your next tenant.

Check Light Bulbs and Smoke Detectors

After a tenant moves out, replace any light bulbs that aren’t working. You want to make sure that all the lights are functioning. Check the smoke detector as well and make sure it’s working, replacing the batteries on every turnover.

Counters and Caulk

In the kitchen, it may be necessary to replace a countertop if it looks old and dated. Countertops with a wood look are old, and replacing it with something a little brighter with more energy will help rent the property. Always caulk the tub between tenants. When you put fresh white caulk in the bathtub, you’re protecting the property from water and making it look a lot nicer. While you’re in the bathroom, make sure all the GFCI outlets work.

Ideally, you’ll have a property that is left clean and in good shape. That will help you turn it around quickly. Make sure your tenants understand what you expect when they move out so your turnaround time is not extended.

Here is a great infograph from TransUnion SmartMove about how renewal rates compare throughout the US, costs involved in a turnover and how to avoid tenant turnover.

How to Complete a Quick Tenant Turnover – Grand Rapids Property ManagementIf you have any questions about caring for your property between tenants, please contact us at Access Property Management Group.


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