How a Property Management Company Helps to Market Your Property

By Justin Bajema | Property Management

Feb 12

Property management means more than collecting rent and showing a property to prospective tenants.  A truly full-service property management company will help owners market their property effectively and without breaking the bank.  In fact, retaining the services of a property management company is only advised if that company has demonstrated its marketing expertise.  As a property owner, your bottom line may depend on the marketing know-how of the company you choose to hire.


From the perspective of a property management company, the main thrust of marketing is to enable clients to connect with prospective tenants as well as existing ones, all while augmenting the property’s brand and reach.  The best property management companies know how to get the word out and showcase your properties as a unique yet highly recognizable brand.  Accomplishing this requires a multi-pronged approach and should only be attempted by seasoned experts in the marketing field.


In order to market your property, a property management company will often work with you to identify your target market and create marketing materials that best convey your property’s distinct identity.  These materials can include print advertising materials, brochures, as well as radio and television ads.  The marketing campaign can even include something as seemingly minor as choosing the right business card for your brand.  However, even the smallest things can make a major difference when it comes to attracting and retaining high-quality tenants.  Decisions made by potential tenants often depend on word of mouth and reputation, which can be established or modified through a vigorous marketing campaign.

How a Property Management Company Helps to Market Your Property

Promotional efforts must also be conducted online in this technology-savvy world.  Property owners should expect that their property management company will be able to develop an eye-catching, professional-looking website to represent their property and their brand.  Plus, a full social media campaign will be in order, possibly involving marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, among other platforms.  These online promotional efforts can be leveraged to maximize attendance at promotional events, and they should reflect the same image and values as the accompanying print, radio, and television advertising efforts.


If you’re ready to take your profit margins to the next level for your properties, hiring a qualified property management company is certainly in order.  Access Property Management is highly experienced in all areas of property management, including marketing and promotion.  Our organization is fully licensed to practice property management in Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding regions, and marketing is just part of our full range of services, which include leasing, financial reporting, management, and property maintenance as well.  Now is the right time to give Access Property Management a call at (616) 301-9450, and you’re always invited to visit us at for only the absolute best in top-notch property management services – contact us and let’s see how we can assist you today.

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