Tips for Finding a Good Landscaping Company

If there’s one thing that all property managers understand, it’s the importance of curb appeal.  Like it or not, the value of the property itself is inextricably linked to a large number of factors, many of which pertain to the external visual aspects of that property.  Property managers, who are often unable to do everything themselves when there are multiple properties involved, will typically hire a landscaping company in order to keep the grounds as clean and visually attractive as possible, both for current tenants and potential ones.  However, landscaping companies vary greatly in terms of price, reliability, reputation, and quality of work.  The last thing anybody needs is shoddy landscaping work or a company that gives their customers excuses instead of results.  The tips below, therefore, should provide you with some ideas to help you find a good company to suit your landscaping needs.

Tips for Finding a Good Landscaping Company

Just like a prospective tenant should come prepared with references, a worthy landscaping company ought to be ready and willing to provide verifiable references prior to hire.  If they are evasive or unwilling, or if the references are anything less than completely enthusiastic and positive about the company, then it’s time to move on and try a different one.  The only possible exception might be a brand-new company with no references yet, but if that’s the case then they had better offer a super low price and outstanding work from the get-go.  In any case, the vast majority of landscaping companies should be able to provide two solid references, at the very least.


The next thing to look for is sufficient knowledge of the landscaping business.  The only way to check for this is by asking questions, especially ones that pertain to your specific landscaping needs.  For example, if you want pest-resistant plants on your property, you could ask questions about how the company can assist you with that.  Perhaps you’ve had water drainage issues; if so, you should certainly ask about that.  If you wish to know about the differences between various types of soil, mulch, or fertilizer, then it makes perfect sense to inquire about that.  For qualified landscapers, these questions should be a cinch to answer; if not, then it’s a huge red flag – move on to the next company.

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Finally, you will most certainly want to verify that the landscaping company is fully licensed.  Licensing requirements vary from one state to the next and even from one county to the next, but a most localities require professional landscaping companies to be both licensed and bonded.  If you unwisely choose to hire an unlicensed contractor, you could end up being financially responsible if someone is injured or if property damage occurs.  Hence, it behooves you to check with your local government’s licensing agency to verify that your prospective landscaping provider is, in fact, properly licensed and bonded.


With so many landscaping companies out there, these tips should help you to narrow your options down to the one that’s right for your property maintenance needs.  At Access Property Management, we understand the need to choose a landscaping company very carefully, as we have been in the property management industry for a long time.  We proudly serve the Grand Rapids and surrounding West Michigan areas with our expertise in all aspects of property management. Access handles property management in Grand Rapids, MI, including leasing, marketing, financial reporting, management, and property maintenance.  You can contact Access Property Management at (616) 301-9450 or visit us at anytime – we hope to serve your property management needs in the near future.

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