Leasing Service Management – Want to do your own maintenance?

Leasing Service Management – Want to do your own maintenance?

Landlords often ask us: “Can I do my own maintenance?”.  Many Landlords do their own property maintenance to directly control the cost and quality of the work done at their properties.  Equally important is the communication and response time to new work orders. A full-service Property Manager typically will not allow for an owner to perform maintenance under the management agreement due to the protections a Manager is required to have in place as an Agent to the Owner and the responsibilities assigned to the Manager in the Management Agreement.

Rental properties require the most attention during turnover and lease-up.  To address this need, many Property Managers offer a Leasing Service which allows Landlords to continue doing their own maintenance and avoid the heavy administrative burden of finding a tenant.

A Leasing Service plan typically includes the following services:

  • Marketing
  • Showing
  • Tenant Screening
  • Lease Signing
  • Security Deposit and First Month’s Rent Collection
  • Managing phone calls and emails
  • Coordinate Utility Transfers
  • Pictures and Video Tours
  • Tenant Orientation

The Property Manager’s responsibilities are complete once a qualified tenant moves into the property. The is Owner free to handle the maintenance and day-to-day decisions as they please.

A Leasing Service agreement is a good option for a Landlord who has good control over their occupied rental properties but does not have the time or resources to quickly fill a vacant unit with a well-qualified tenant.


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