Who Are The Best Property Management Companies in Grand Rapids, Michigan?

Every year we have more than a hundred investors and home owners inquire into our property management services. Because we provide so much information about property management through our blog and website, they often ask us who some of our competitor property management companies are in the area. This blog post will give you a list of companies to compare with when looking for property management services in Grand Rapids, MI

1. Simple Home Management

Simple Homes specializes in residential income properties all over West Michigan. They pride themselves on fast, efficient communication combined with high tenant standards and retention.

2. United Properties

United provides residential property management, investment services and remodeling services. They provide a wide selection of residential properties including single family homes, condominiums, town homes, duplexes and apartments for rent.

3. Qwest Property Management

They provide their clients with a turn-key no hassle solution for owning income producing rental properties. Their clients range from homeowners with a single rental property to foreign investors who own multiple properties.

4. Compass Property Services

Compass has the knowledge and experience in today’s real estate trends to help with all of your needs. They also have a realty and remodeling division.

5. Lighthouse Property Management

Lighthouse provides both residential management and residential placement services. Their business model integrates the customer service and management disciplines of the institutional property management industry at a local level.

So there you have it! Five different companies that you can also reach out to when you are looking for quotes on property management in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Here are some other great resources to help with your rental property:

Also, here are some resources to help you select a reputable property manager:

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