Property Types we Manage

Apartments (10-100 units)

We've been managing apartment communities since 2009. Economies of scale can become a substantial benefit and your now dealing with a product type that is VERY favorable to RE Investors.

Single-Family Homes

This is where it all started for us! We've been managing single-family rental homes before it was even a fad. We rent out homes that may be owned by an investor or a regular homeowner.

Homeowners often have to rent their home when "life happens" such as work relocations, marriages or divorce, military duty station changes. Renting your home can be a great way to building wealth.

Duplex - Multiplex

Duplex and Multiplex rental configurations are very common building types for rental units. We manage many of these for our investor clients.

Student housing

We've been managing student housing apartments and homes since 2008. We've helped thousands of student tenants with their housing needs while further their higher education.


We DO manage individual condos for property owners & investors.

We DO NOT manage condominium communities. Two totally different niches.

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