Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are taking certain actions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of you, our vendors, our team and surrounding communities. Effective immediately, we can no longer process physical payments. We are only be able to accept online payments.

This means no checks, certified checks, cash, or money orders. BUT don’t fret! If you do not have a bank account, there is still a very simple way for you to make your payment. It’s a system call RentMoney. (Please note: a small fee is charged for this service. As of this blog post, the fee is $3.75 per transaction.) Just watch the video or follow the steps below to complete a payment with cash or a money order through RentMoney.

Steps to Make a Payment with Cash

  1. Log into your Tenant Portal
  2. Click on the My Payments Tab
  3. Choose “Make One Time Payment”
  4. For Payment Method Choose: Cash
  5. Type in Amount
  6. Click “Submit”
  7. A Pop up will appear that will tell you that there is a small fee involved.
  8. Click Get Voucher: Your voucher will download as a pdf
  9. Print or take picture of the voucher
  10. Bring Voucher and cash to the store and make payment

There you go. Done! The payment will be sent to us. You will see it posted to your ledger on your tenant portal.

Finding a Payment Center

If this is your first time making a payment this way or you don’t know where to go to make a payment…follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Find a Payment Center”
  2. Enter Zipcode
  3. Choose Search Radius
  4. Enter code and hit Submit.

A list of stores will show up. You can go to any of these stores with your voucher and make the payment.

Rent is Paid!

Now you made your rent payment with cash! Again, you don’t need a bank account to make this payment. After you make the payment at the store, you will see it posted to your ledger on your Tenant Portal.

Other Ways to Pay

If you DO have a bank account or credit card, you have other options for making payments. These are two other ways you can make online payments through your Tenant Portal:

  • Checking Account or ACH transaction: FREE
  • Credit or Debit Card: $19 Fee

More Questions?

If you are still having issues making your rent payment through RentMoney. Or if you need help setting up your online payment method, please reach out to us via phone or email. 616-301-9450 or info@accesspmgroup.com.

About the author

Jennifer Bajema is the Co-founder of Access Property Management Group. She has worked in every part of the company, but now focuses on client education and business growth. Her experience in running a property management business is now over 10 years!