What better way to start our new year than with a post about how to make MORE MONEY. One of the biggest obstacles we face as a property management company, is convincing owners to clean and complete our make-ready turnover lists when we take them on as a client. This video takes you room by room through a unit that was turned over CORRECTLY and CLEANLY. At the end, you will learn how these owners benefited from their hard work at Turnover!

Most Common Owner Objections:

  • Not enough TIME to complete Turnover List
  • What’s the BENEFIT?
  • It’s too EXPENSIVE to steam clean/replace lightbulbs/update the appliance… etc
  • In DENIAL of the dirtiness/disrepair of their rental

Make-Ready Turnover List


Blinds work
Lightbulbs work
Flooring in good shape and clean
Completely Clean
Carpets steam cleaned (not just vacuumed)
Baseboards wiped down
Walls wiped Down


Stove and Oven Cleaned
Sink and Counters wiped Down
Refrigerator cleaned out
Cabinets Cleaned


Sink/Counters Wiped Down
Tub Caulking-Clean or Redone.
Toilet clean


Wipe Down walls 
Steam clean carpets


Paint Cement Floors-a plus (not required)
Sweep Out
Clean Out All Items
Clean Out Washer/Dryer
Leave Extra Furnace Filters


Landscape Trimmed Up
Grass Cut
Snow Plowed/Shoveled

The Benefits Of Completing the Turnover List

Lastly, this is the simple part. There are only two benefits that you need to know:

  1. Rent your unit FASTER.
  2. Rent your unit for more MONEY.

Boom. That’s it folks. As you hear in the video, the best part for the owners after completing the Turnover Make-Ready List….

Their home rented in 24 hours for $200-$300 MORE than they thought it would.

This is a Win-Win for all parties involved. Owners are happy, Tenants are happy, Managers are happy… Everyones happy.

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Eddie Beekman is the founder of "Give Your Clients Your Cell Number", because he believes there is no reason for poor communication! He tackles the daily management and maintenance issues that arise in the operations at APMG. Eddie is an excellent video blogger and likes to add humor to his videos. After 18 years of Property Managment you think you've heard it all, until tomorrow and it starts over.

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