Hi, this is Eddie with Access Property Management Group. This blog is about the forms you use if your tenant does not pay rent. You will read that there are two forms that you can send out. We will help you know when to send them and how to fill them out.

Quick Disclaimer: We are not attorneys! If you need legal help, be sure to call a licensed legal professional to help you with your situation.

Demand for Possession: Nonpayment of Rent

This is the first form sent to begin an eviction. However, our notices rarely get that far. This is a 7-day notice that can be sent anytime during the month. This means that the essence the tenant has 9 days (7 days + 2 days mailing) to pay or vacate. If the tenant pays within the 7 days, they can stay in the unit. After 7 days of non-payment, you can continue with the process by filing for a court date in your local jurisdiction.

Notice to Quit: Termination of Tenancy

The other notice that can be sent is the “Notice to Quit Termination of Tenancy.” This is a 30 day notice that can be sent at anytime if the tenant breaks the lease or you want them out of your unit after a lease has expired. This gives the tenant notice that they must move after the 30 days are up. If they haven’t moved out after 30 days, you can file for a court date to start a legal eviction.

Tips For Filling Out the Forms

  • When filling out these forms always add “and all other occupants” in the “To” box after the tenants names. This is done so the notice covers everyone living in the home whether they are on the lease or not.
  • Both forms have two pages. One’s for the tenant and one’s for you. Fill them out correctly, send it off in the mail. This will give you the best chance at your desired outcome!

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