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Weighing the Pro’s and Cons of Allowing Pets at Your Rental
While over 60% of United States households have at least one pet, there are nowhere near that many pet-friendly rentals[...]
The Top 5 Factors Affecting Rental Rates for Rental Properties
The rental market is constantly changing. There are several factors which affect the pricing of any rental property.  This post[...]
The Perfect Tenant Takeover in Two Steps
The tenant takeover can be a daunting task. From first glance, there seems to be a lot of details involved.[...]
Best Property Management Style: Departmental vs. Portfolio
In the world of Grand Rapids Property Management, you will find different types of property management styles. As you look[...]
5 Reasons You Should NOT Rent Your Home:
Usually you hear all the reasons that you SHOULD invest in real estate. Well, in this post we go over[...]
What to Expect From a Professional Property Management Company
Today we are talking about what to expect from a professional property management company. In this post we will discuss[...]
Why Property Managers Fire Owners: The Down and Dirty
Last week we discussed Why Owners Fire Property Managers. This week you see the other side of the story. This is[...]
Why Owners Fire Property Managers: Top 7 Reasons
No, this is not a subject everyone wants to blog about. Nobody wants to get fired (or admit they have[...]
How to Get a BAD Tenant Out of a Rental Property
Bad tenants are bad for your property, the neighborhood, your wallet and your sanity. In this post we will go[...]
What Minimum Credit Score Should I Accept for Tenant Screening Criteria?
We recently received this question from a prospective client: "Why do you accept tenants with such a low credit score?" The[...]
How to Calculate Michigan Property Taxes on Investment Properties
Michigan property taxes are a fee charged against real property by the local municipality. This may be a Township, Village,[...]
How to PHYSICALLY Analyze Rental Property Before You Buy it
Hi, this is Eddie with Access Property Management. In the post we will discuss how to analyze rental property by[...]
How to avoid BAD Real Estate Investment deals
We set out to purchase real estate as an investment to build and hold wealth. Real estate is an incredible[...]
The Best Way to Advertise and List a Rental Property
Hi there, this is Aaron with Access Property Management. In this post I'm going to go through listing and advertising[...]
Multifamily Property Management in Grand Rapids, MI- What to Look For
If you're reading this blog then you have either bought a multifamily property or are considering it, so… Congratulations on[...]
Six Steps to Dealing With Tenant Complaints
Hi, this is Eddie with Access Property Management. This post is on tenant complaints and how we handle them. 1.[...]
How to Perform a Lease Renewal Like a Pro with Access Property Management Group
Lease Renewal Timeline Hi, this is Eddie with Access Property Management. Today we are talking about lease renewals. There are[...]
Property Management Services – After Hours Calls
Hi, this is Eddie with Access Property Management. In this post I will discuss how we handle after hours phone calls[...]
The 5 Biggest Issues with Property Management Companies
In 2008 Justin and I started investing in single family rentals. Soon we realized we couldn’t handle the management of[...]
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