Inspection Suggestions from Access Property Management Group

Gone are the days when landlords and Grand Rapids property management companies simply rented out apartments and welcomed the new resident, never to see the rental again until move-out time. Ongoing inspections of your rental property are now recognized as one of the most important tasks carried out by your property manager, a task that, if left undone, can prove to be an extremely costly one.

Inspection Suggestions from Access Property Management Experts:

  1. The initial walk-through – Traditionally, our property managers will perform a walk-through inspection, detailing the precise condition of the apartment and its contents. At Access Property Management we document this important inspection with a camara, taking photos of the property to ensure reliability of documentation. Our property managers create a report detailing the apartment’s condition as well.
  2. Have the resident complete an Inventory Checklist – At Access Property Management we have our residents complete this checklist within 7 days of their move in, which they can then sign off on via electronic signatures to make this process easier for everyone. This report should be signed and dated by both the new resident and the manager or landlord.
  3. The once-yearly inspection – The usual period between inspections is approximately one year, unless other factors are involved. We make sure to give the resident the correct amount of notice and are considerate of their privacy during this annual inspection. It is an excellent policy to do this inspection with a camera also, and report any potential problems to the resident, so they can avoid losing money on their security deposit.
  4. The move-out walk-through – Our property managers repeat the initial walk-through process at move-out time to assess possible damages once we have possession of the keys and the unit has been vacated.

These tips will help make it easier for property managers to effectively manage and maintain properties which in turn makes it easier for owners to have ease of mind that their property is in good hands.

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Justin Bajema

Justin Bajema, CPM® is the Founder & President of Access Investment Group, LLC and Access Property Management Group, LLC. His love for everything Real Estate and business began with one book back sent to him while he was returning back from the war in Iraq in 2003, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. Justin is a proud U.S. Marine combat veteran who served 2 tours in Iraq as an infantryman. He received the Purple Heart from Commander in Chief President George Bush for his wounds received in action while serving with the 24th MEU in Iraq. Justin Bajema, | Founder & President