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Is It Damage or Is It Wear and Tear?

Every time a tenant vacates a property, the issue arises of what constitutes damage inflicted by the tenant (which is the tenant’s responsibility) and what constitutes normal wear and tear (which is the owner’s responsibility). There’s a sizable security deposit at stake, and each party wants to put it to his own uses: the landlord […]

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The Importance of Checking Renters’ References

When filtering prospective tenant applications, checking for references is a step that must not be omitted from the process.  Any reliable tenant ought to have someone who can vouch for him or her, and it’s not enough to just get personal references.  Sure, personal references are fine and can help establish that your next tenant […]

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The Importance of Checking Tenant References

Seasoned property managers know the ups and downs of renting to tenants.  They know that sometimes renting can be hassle-free and highly profitable, while other times it can be a day-to-day struggle.  From nonpayment to property destruction to frivolous lawsuits, having the wrong tenants can be an ongoing nightmare.  How can property managers avoid the […]

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Step 1 – HomeOwners – Start Here

CAN’T SELL YOUR HOME? – MOVING OUT OF TOWN? HOLDING ONTO A HOME AS AN INVESTMENT? Today… HomeOwners are Struggling with what to do with their Homes We’ve got a Much Faster – Simpler – Solution to your Housing Troubles… and it’s Easier than you Think   The “New Normal”… Renting not Selling It used to be – if you wanted or needed […]

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